Thursday, September 10, 2009

Infusion: Garlic Vodka

Allium über alles, and all that. I decided to double this recipe's proportions and use six lightly crushed, then sliced cloves of garlic for about 750 ml. vodka. They tested it after five days; I'll start checking this weekend in the hopes of having garlicky Bloody Marys for Sunday.

All these infusions are making me miss the Russian Vodka Room (which I was pleased to discover is still open) and its Attitude Adjustment Hours.


  1. Had a small sip of this delightful infusion by itself, plain over the rocks. Wow! Garlicky as all get out, but including those floral notes that usually accompany it when being stirred in a pan with bubbling oil or butter.

    With tomato juice, also over ice -- with just a small grind of pepper -- sublime. This is the Bloody Mary which requires no extras, provided that you (and your loved ones, or acquaintances, or business partners, etc.) don't mind a bit of garlic in the air.

  2. As may be inferred from the above eloquence, three days' wait was perfect.

  3. Additional note: must love garlic for this particular infusion. Even the Bloody Marys overpowered a couple of friends. While John and I really love this version, others might be better-served with the original, half-strength version (three cloves and about three to five days).